Black Forest Art

Modern Black Forest style is the term used to describe the living environment as it is typical for the Black Forest. It is characterized by furniture made of solid oak, native pictures on canvas, antlers of deer and not to forget the Bollenhut.

Scandi Style

The Scandinavian living style stands for urban lifestyle - reduced, minimalist, modern and flexible. Scandinavian design refers to organic forms and the materials wood, fur and wool. Scandinavian living means cosy, individual and sustainable.

Vintage Style

The typical styles of the ‘20s to ‘60s are now called vintage. Vintage style refers to a piece of furniture that is new but has been redesigned in a "used look". The original and neat style gives the interior a very unusual touch. Futuristic shapes, pastel shades, velour as well as brass create a positive and warm atmosphere.

Industrial Style

The Industrial Style originated in New York in the 50s. Since then, the rough look has made its way from artists' lofts and trendy cafés to normal apartments in this country. What makes it so special? The Industrial Style celebrates the aesthetics of the imperfect, it seems casual and rebellious, yet surprisingly homely.


The rustic style focuses on the material wood. The result is a cosy design - idyllic, rustic, uncomplicated. You feel comfortable in this setting without artificial elements, you appreciate the simple life in a contemporary style.