Enjoy the special flair of the big city to the fullest. The Schlossberg, sight of the former castle, is situated high above Freiburg's old town; you can take the Schloßbergbahn to the restaurant Dattler, or you may take one of the many hiking trails leading up to the Schlossberg. The Roman Catholic city church of Freiburg is located in the middle of the old town. The cathedral was built between the 12th century and the year 1513. Among art historians, the church is considered an architectural masterpiece of the Gothic period. Inside, there are a large number of medieval works of art, such as altars, stained glass windows and sculptures, to admire. Lovers of art and history will get their money's worth. The Augustinian Museum at the popular Augustinerplatz in the middle of the old town is a very attractive place to visit. Due to its almost 900-year-old history, the city has a multifaceted potential of sights and also offers an irresistible flair as a shopping metropolis. It is also worth taking a trip with the Schauinsland Cable Car to the local mountain. From there you have a wonderful view of Freiburg and the Rhine valley.




The town of Waldkirch became famous for its gemstone cutting and the construction of barrel and marry-go-round organs. The Elz Valley Museum shows in an impressive way the whole spectrum of organ building in Waldkirch. The visitor is taken on a journey through time in a guided tour with "the gatekeeper wife", or on a visit to the ruines Kastelburg (castle). Meeting the Black Forest at eye level or watching the capricorn being fed in the Black Forest Zoo, you can experience all this and more in the Waldkirch Nature Adventure Park. You should not miss to visit the village of Buchholz, where wine is cultivated. Five wine-growing estates and winegrowers' cooperatives have a long tradition of growing wines here, which receive a wide range of awards every year. A walk along the wine trail not only offers you an excellent view over the Rhine valley to Kaiserstuhl and the French Vosges mountains, but also explains the work of the winegrowers in a vivid way.


Colmar (France)


Colmar is located in the centre of the Centre-Alsace region, near the German and Swiss borders, between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine, Strasbourg and Mulhouse. The historic town offers its visitors a breathtaking summary of more than a thousand years of European history. The medieval town centre is entirely protected as a historic monument and has benefited from particularly careful restoration and preservation for more than twenty years.


Strasbourg (France)

The young, dynamic city of Strasbourg surprises with its vibrant city life and a sophisticated cultural scene: museums, theatres, opera, concerts, festivals - all very close by! Like many other major European cities, Strasbourg has a world-renowned historical cultural heritage: the Grande Ile is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For guests who love to discover, there is the possibility to explore the Strasbourg districts on foot, tour boat or by bike. You can reach Strasbourg in only 60 minutes by car.


Basel (Switzerland)

It is not easy to describe the city of Basel in one word. Terms such as "Swiss Capital of Culture" or "University City" do not by a long shot describe the wealth of cultural, historical, recreational and pleasure experiences that the city has to offer. Stroll through the picturesque old town, admire world-renowned works of art, or shop in the pedestrian zone. You can reach Basel in just 60 minutes by car.